Recipe: Fugia/Fugiyas/Fugyas..East Indian Fugia Fugyas/Foogyas/Fugea

Fugiyas /Foogyas is an East Indian Bread .A Favourite among all East Indians .You will find it in every East Indian Home.No weddings or festive occasion is complete without fugiyas.Its a fun to watch it at East Indian weddings when all ladies sit to knead this, sometimes Men do help in kneading the dough as you really got to beat hard and the quantity made is massive.During Weddings the dough is needed late night and left to rise till morning .Then next morning its fried.

But when made at home in lesser quantity its left to ferment  for two to three hours. The time is enough for it to rise.And once when well risen its formed into balls and then deep fried .They are so soft that they just melt in the mouth..Making fugiyas needs a special technique but you master it with time.

Favourite among kids and loved by elders as well .It can be eaten any time taste great with all meat curries or munch it with tea. Fugiyas with Vindaloo and Sarpotel  are great combination .There is another sweet version of fugiyas too in which coconut milk is added I will post that later.

500 gms Maida
1 egg
1/4 cup oil or ghee
1 tsp  yeast
2  tbsp sugar
salt to taste
luke warm water as required to knead the dough
oil to fry

In a bowl mix the yeast with 1 tbsp sugar and 1/4 cup lukewarm water ,let it rise.

In a large Vessel mix sifted maida ,salt ,egg and then add the yeast ,warm oil and luke warm water keep beating the mixture to form a smooth soft pliable dough .

Cover the vessel and keep aside in warm place for it to rise well.It may take about 2 hours or more .

Once risen well that’s when you will see lots of bubbles coming up .

Wet your palms with water grasp the dough with left hand and squeeze out through fore finger and thumb with  right hand lift the ball and drop them in the hot  oil   carefully.

Or  you could use the spoon to scoop the dough as shown in the pic above.

Fry over medium heat till light golden then remove and drain excess oil.

And enjoy the fugiyas hot or cold

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